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Board Meeting Minutes and othe NJHSA Information

Strategic Plan

Goal 1:  Strengthen and grow New Jersey Head Start Association Affiliate groups (Parents, Friends, Staff, Directors), ensuring that members are engaged and active.

  1. Ensure each affiliate has identified membership
    1. Targeted marketing for recruitment of Community Partners and Friends Affiliate, as well as the Parent Affiliate; ensure Director and Staff Affiliate maintain membership
      1. Materials to include information –
        1. Mission
        2. Board Membership
        3. Description
        4. Affiliates
        5. Benefits
      2. Newsletter – standardized and includes information for all affiliates
  2. Ensure affiliate members understand purpose, roles and responsibilities
    1. Develop detailed written descriptions of roles and responsibilities
    2. Provide educational materials and training regarding the roles and responsibilities of affiliate members
  3. Ensure affiliate organization:  by-law revisions/development, structure, plan for continuity, dues
    1. Engage directors in a commitment to the association, including a letter of commitment signed by grantee directors
  4. Ensure recognition of outstanding members including parents, friends, staff, directors
    1. Form Recognition and Awards Committee
    2. Develop plan for recognition and awards
      1. What type of award
      2. What criteria
        1. Nomination Process
      3. Timeframe for awards

Goal 2:  Define and strengthen the New Jersey Head Start Association organization structure to ensure the active promotion of its mission.

  1. Research charter, current status of association
  2. Ensure revision of bylaws.
  3. Ensure election of board members and officers.
  4. Increase overall membership.
    1. Develop fee structure for agency membership dues.
    2. Ensure fiscal accountability for membership funds
      1. Implement accounting software
      2. Develop invoice system
  5. Address communication systems:  transparency, participatory decision making, state committees, recordkeeping, use of technology, reports, teleconferencing, unified voice, financial and annual reports
    1. Develop NJHSA mailing packet of materials regarding association, including commitment letter.  Develop follow-up systems including thank you letter and membership certificate.
  6. Develop systems for delegation of duties, i.e. conference committee
    1. Develop Annual Activities Calendar
      1. Recruit members for conference within one month of conference ending
    2. Revise Conference Committee Handbook
      1. Expand handbook to include professional development throughout the year
  7. Develop Dollar per Child and other fundraising activities

Goal 3:  Assess, identify, provide, collaborate and support cutting edge professional development that addresses new initiatives, policies and funding opportunities.

  1. Develop timeframes for professional development, ie. calendar.
  2. Develop self-assessment process for identifying Professional Development needs
    1. Review monitoring reports
    2. Develop, collect and aggregate surveys  
    3. Identify “what’s new” at state and federal (OHS, CCDBG) level
      1. New Head Start Program Performance Standards
  3. Develop process for year round training
    1. Coordinate training with affiliate meetings

Goal 4:  Develop strategies for involvement with state initiatives, educate New Jersey Head Start Association members, and advocate for quality implementation which includes Head Start

  1. Identify other state associations with which to begin dialogue and align mission
    1. Set up meetings with association leadership (examples:  ACNJ, NJCAA)
  2. Identify state departments/divisions with which to meet
    1. Office of Licensing
    2. Department of Labor
    3. Department of Education (10% Disabilities requirement)

Goal 5:  Develop a communication system that engages members in a relevant, timely, and consistent manner.

  1. Develop e-mail address for board
  2. Issue board member and committee chairperson list including photos and contact information
  3. Develop social media approaches such as website and Facebook
    1. Identify website host/location
    2. Develop webpage including format
  4. Ensure communication systems include improved two-way communication and shared decision making.
    1. Establish a Google Docs site to communicate regarding events and developments
    2. Establish process for committee work to support grantee’s goals
      1. Explore feasibility of joint projects such as
        1. Wage Comparability Study
        2. MOU between grantees for transitions
        3. Cooperative purchasing






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